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What are people saying about Smart Growth?
What are people saying?
"Smart growth does not mean no growth or even slow growth. Rather it is a process which provides incentives to encourage residential and commercial development to grow where and how it makes the most sense." - Jim Vaughan, President, Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce

"Smart growth recognizes connections between development and quality of life." - International City/County Management Association

"We define smart growth as growth is economically sound, environmentally friendly, and supportive of community livability - growth that enhances our quality of life." - J. Ronald Terwilliger, Chairman, Urban Land Institute

"Technology companies must support smarter growth to protect local quality of life in order to compete for the best and brightest workers." - Carl Guardino, Present and CEO, Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group

"Smart growth refers to the concept that development can be tailored to handle our region's population and economic growth without consuming our natural resources." - San Diego Association of Governments

"Protecting green spaces, growing smart may well be one of the most common sense, cost effective environmental solutions ever." - Carole M. Browner, Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

"The concept of smart growth has exploded onto the national consciousness as one of the most critical issues confronting America today." - National Association of Homebuilders

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Naches River- Rita R. Robinson
Tacoma multi-family Housing - AIA
Downtown Wenatchee - Wenatchee Downtown Assn.
Wheat field - Washington Wheat Commission